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 What is Spokane Comicon?

The goal of Spokane Comicon is help promote awareness of local artists & businesses from around the Inland Northwest via a traditional comic book convention for all ages in the community to enjoy. It is also Spokane Comicon's intention to help those in need with donations to the Community College of Spokane Food bank and the Union Gospel Mission of Spokane. 

                  History of Spokane Comicon

 Photo courtesy of Spokane Focus 2013.

My name is Nathan O’Brien. I am a huge fan of comics, movies and pop culture. When I moved here from Seattle in August 2006, I immediately reached out to the local businesses and inquired about when the next convention is in town. I was shocked to learn that the second largest city in Washington didn’t have a show to call their own. I was informed that there hasn’t been a comic convention in Spokane in over 16 years! Since then I have made it my personal mission to bring a slice of the comic and pop culture world to Spokane.

Special Guests Matthew Clark and Margo Kidder were all smiles at the show.  


   In just 10 months I organized the Inaugural Spokane Comicon and on Saturday May 26, 2007 we had over 300 fans come out and support the show. Everyone who attended had a great time. Kids and adults left with bags of comics, collectibles, smiles on their faces and great memories. 2007 Special Guests of honor: Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) and DC Comics artist Matthew Clark.


The second annual Spokane Comicon was on June 7th 2008 and was held in the Globe Room at Cataldo Hall at Gonzaga University. The show featured special guests Clayton Crain (Marvel Comics artist from Seattle, WA.) and local talent Andy Owens (Dark Horse Comics inker). We booked over 28 dealers (+10 more than year one) who sold comics, toys, cards, games, collectibles, movies, original art, graphic novels, clothing, etc. New to the con was our first ever costume contest. We awarded gift certificates to the Comic Book Store for best adult and child costumes. The second show had a positive boost in attendance as many people made it an event by staying and soaking it all in for the entire dayOur friend Isamu Jordan for the Spokane 7 wrote a great article about us. 

Special Guest Clayton Crain was a very busy man during the con. 


The third annual Spokane Comicon was on Saturday May 30th, 2009 at Spokane Falls Community College and was our best show yet. There was a line of people around the corner as early as two hours before the doors opened. We had a show best of over 200 people through the doors within the first hour. Our third show also saw a huge jump in tables sold with 54 and attendance! New this year was a full day of programing featuring panels and gaming tournaments. Our second crack at the costume contest brought out a much larger group of individuals. The compitition was stiff and made deciding the winner even tougher (see picture above of the 2009 best adult costume). 2009 also had the most guest artists and writers to date. Our 2009 Special Guest of Honor was professional artist and all around nice guy Art Thibert. With so much to see and do fans, dealers, artists and special guests left raving how much of a great time they had! 


Special Guest Art Thibert did plenty of signing and sketching for the fans.  

Here is a nice article written prior to the 3rd show by our friend Lloyd Phillips just click the link here to read it Finally here is a 09 con review from the Comics Bronze Age by Andrew Wahl Link


"You really put on a great show! Having just attended the Emerald City Comicon two months prior, this was comparable & much more friendly."
The 4th annual Spokane Comicon was held on Saturday May 22, 2010 and continued to grow in a positive direction. 1,000 people attended and 75 tables filled making this grass roots con our biggest yet! Our 2010 special guest of honor John Layman (Creator and writer of Image Comics "CHEW") was a fan favorite. Other special guests included Charlie Schmidt (Keyboard Cat),Matthew Southworth ("Stumptown"), Dustin Weaver (Marvel comics "SHIELD"), Brandon Jerwa (Fajita-man), Eric Trautmann (DC Comics "The Shield"), Mark Rahner ("Rotten"), Chad Hardin ("Warlord"), Daniel M. Davis ("Monster Commute") and local guests Lars Brown ("North-World"), Andy Owens ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") and Jason Gorder ("Dark Avengers") FEW. 
I HUGE HUGE special thanks to Mike "WHOO-HOO" Watson, Rose and the entire Sasquad Comic Book club for all of their hard work and dedication in planning and volunteering to con with me. Without them none of this would be possible.  Thank you also to the 501st, Craig from the Comic Book Shop, Uncle's Games and John from Merlyn's for all of their support! 

Special Guest John Layman (left) with Nathan O'Brien (founder of Spokane Comicon). 


The 5th annual Spokane Comicon recap HERE

The fifth annual Spokane Comicon was held on Saturday May 21st, 2011. A record crowd of 1,300 turned out despite some patchy weather. With our newly expanded dealer space we were able to sell more tables (100 total).  We were lucky enough to have our two special guests Dave Johnson and Dan Panosian fly up from L.A. to join us. They helped us kick off our first ever "Drink & Draw" the night before the con with 50 of our closest friends. Please click on the link above to read and see videos from the 5th annual Spokane Comicon. 

Special Guest Dan Panosian (left) with Nathan O'Brien (founder of Spokane Comicon). 



6th Annual Spokane Comicon recap.  

Exclusive prints by special guest artist Joshua Covey


The 6th annual Spokane Comicon was held on Saturday May 19th, 2012. For the second straight year we had a solid crowd of 1,300 in attendance. Fans lined up for hours prior to the door opening. Some as early as 6:00am so they could be the first in line to get an exclusive 35mm film cell from Marvel's "The Avengers".  Some of our special guests included artist Tyler Kirkham, Michael Oeming, Paul Guinan, Anina Bennett and Clayton Crain. We also had a record number (50 total) of entries for the costume contest in 2012. We look forward to continue to provide a venue for local artists to be able to showcase their talents as well as an affordable all ages show. This show would not be possible without strong dedication from student clubs at SCC especially Sasquad!. One final note is that we helped collect over 350 lbs of canned food that was donated to the student food bank at SCC. We look forward to the challenge of collecting more donations in 2013.  


                                      7th Annual Spokane Comicon Recap

"Weeping Angel" 2013 Best Female Costume


The 7th annual Spokane Comicon was held on Saturday June 1st, 2013. We had a record crowd turn out with a total of 1,677 people in attendance. We knew we were going to be able to break our attendance record when we had 800 people through the doors within the first 2 hours of the show. Fans lined up for 4+ hours prior to the doors opening to get their hands on our exclusive 35 mm film cells from "Star Wars: Special Edition" (1997).

Our special guests this year was Syfy Channel reality show winner "Face Off" Rayce Bird. Rayce was a fan favorite all day long taking the time to talk with fans and sign items at his table. He also packed in the fans to get a chance to listen to him talk about his experiences on the reality show as well as take Q&A during a panel.

Our first international guest was artist Pia Guerra from Vancouver Canada. Pia is the most decorated of artists we've ever had attend our con. Pia has been nominated and has won multiple awards for her memorable work on the Vertigo comic "Y:The Last Man".

For the 5th straight year we sold out of all of our tables. The Artist Alley sold out in early March and the vendor tables sold out by mid April. With over 90 tables sold it was a solid show all around. Huge variety of vendors, local artists and lots of family fun made for a great day of fun.

Finally we wanted to acknowledge we helped raise 450 lbs of canned food that was donated to the student food bank at Spokane Community College. The Spokane Comicon also purchased an additional 250+ lbs of canned food that was donated to the Union Gospel Mission of Spokane. 

 We can't wait to do it again on May 31st, 2014. 

 You can read more about the show and see come pictures courtesy of "Spokane Focus" http://spokanefocus.com/2013-spokane-comicon/ and their flicker album herehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/spokanefocus/sets/72157633887947098/


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8th Annual Spokane Comicon recap coming soon.

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Location: Spokane Convention Center

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